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Are Your HVAC Controls Getting the Job Done?

When it comes to operating your Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) controls, the more knowledge you have of your system, the better. Understanding the nuances of why your system is or isn’t operating correctly, and knowing how you can improve it, is a critical part of saving time and money for your facility. Whether they’re self-contained unit packages or centralized systems, we’ve outlined some helpful ways for you to determine what best practices you should be using. One simple way to make your life easier and have your HVAC run more smoothly? Implementing a building automation system to streamline building operations and make energy management more attainable.


Building Automation Systems

Unifying your equipment and implementing a centralized control system is always a good tactic if you’re seeking new ways to improve the functionality of your facility. Automation systems streamline operating practices by increasing efficiency. With a simple user interface designed to make it easier than ever to improve operations, identify issues with your system, and reduce energy consumption when you’re not in the building, building automation systems (BAS) are a great tool you can use in place of an older model. With a BAS, you can:

  •  Meter electric, gas, water, steam, hot water, chilled water, and fuel oil services onsite and remotely
  • Optimize control systems including reset schedules for heating plans, static pressure control, and other areas where energy savings are critical
  • Send alarms via email, pager, or phone to alert building managers and technicians of developing problems, system failures, and other pertinent information that needs to be communicated in a small time frame
  • Integrate your solution with other parts of your building for fully-optimized HVAC controls


Need Help Managing Your Building?

Rather than hiring several new maintenance managers to keep diligent watch over your equipment, implementing a building automation system can do the work of several employees simply by doing its job. The HVAC controls basics aren’t too difficult to master if the platform you use to control them is user-friendly. BAS systems make it simple to control set points for various heating and cooling sources and adjust the temperature accordingly. Why waste time on a solution that doesn’t make your life easier?


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The longer you wait to fully optimize your equipment, the harder it is to improve workflow. Working with a fully-integrated building automation system can help your facility streamline the equipment you use for cohesive, user-friendly operations. Don’t hesitate to make your building more energy efficient—reach out to our team at Air Comfort today and bring your facility into the future of building maintenance.