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From plan and spec installation to design/build and maintenance, Air Comfort provides comprehensive commercial HVAC services customized for your space including the planning and installation of base building systems. Having an experienced team of technicians provides detailed consulting for planning your commercial HVAC system and is crucial for finding the solution that’s right for your real estate investment.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

At Air Comfort, we are commercial HVAC contractors who will provide you with comprehensive maintenance contracts so you know your system will be taken care of. Our full-coverage contracts cover all heat and air for commercial real estate, so no matter what the problem is, you can be sure we’ll fix it. Our contracted services cover a wide variety of HVAC equipment, including:

Whether your facility is single- or multi-tenant, we can solve heating and AC problems for your Chicago-area real estate. Our commercial heating and cooling services are available 24/7. Whether you need emergency services in the middle of the night or a routine HVAC maintenance visit during the day, one of our 50 field technicians will be ready to help you.

Condensing Boiler Installation and Maintenance

Our maintenance and service contracts include many HVAC services, and one of those is condensing gas boiler installation and maintenance. Air Comfort’s team of expert technicians provide comprehensive planning and design to find a condensing boiler that fits your facility’s scale, budget, and current space. Condensing gas boilers operate at a more efficient level than traditional gas boilers—the heat exchangers of condensing gas boilers are built to withstand condensation and function at lower operational temperatures, resulting in less consumption and fewer ongoing maintenance issues.

Quick Response

Air Comfort offers high-quality quick response service for your HVAC planning, installation, and maintenance. When we design an HVAC system for you, we can install it in as little as one week after our initial assessment. We understand how valuable your time and your budget are, which is why we respond quickly to deliver results on time and under budget. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can deliver customized HVAC installations to your commercial real estate property in a short time frame.

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Design/Build Service for Real Estate

We design, build, and install heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for your commercial real estate. We begin our design-build process by site survey, where we assess your facility’s current loads, or assess your projected loads and energy usage goals, and other factors if you’re building a new facility.

Then we begin the design process by estimating your project’s timeline and the cost of materials, equipment, and labor. During this process, we leverage our network of HVAC manufacturers to obtain high-quality equipment within your project’s budget. We also have the engineers in our in-house fabrication shop create any components your system may need, up to and including ductwork.

After that, we enter the installation phase, and our project manager takes over. They will oversee your project’s installation, commissioning, and deployment. Once we complete all those steps, we provide commercial HVAC maintenance and service to keep your HVAC infrastructure in good shape.

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Plan and Spec Services for Real Estate

If you have plans and specifications for your real estate’s commercial HVAC system, we can take them and turn them into a reality. During our plan and spec process we perform load calculations to ensure your system runs efficiently and makes the most of your budget. We recommend you have your HVAC system’s load calculated so your system provides the right amount of air for your facility. If your loads are not calculated properly, your system may produce too much or too little air, resulting in poor air quality for your facility. We calculate the correct loads so your facility becomes a healthy working environment with good air quality.

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After we plan and spec your system, we will gladly install it for you. After all, shouldn’t the contractor who works on the plans and specs also perform the installation? Then, once we install the HVAC system, we maintain and service it so it runs smoothly throughout its lifespan.

Our plan and spec services are designed to help you stay within your budget, while creating a system customized for your facility’s exact needs.

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