Food Processing

Foodservice companies and food processing plants require constant temperature regulation for heating and cooling, to maintain health and safety standards mandated by FDA production guidelines. Air Comfort has collaborated with several food processing companies including Albanese, Golden Grain, Quaker, and PepsiCo to deliver high-quality HVAC solutions to keep their employees comfortable and their products safe.



Commercial HVAC Kitchen Design

Our turnkey solutions are customized to meet your exact specifications and provide an HVAC system that doesn’t compromise workflow or the quality of your products. From plan and spec services all the way to ongoing maintenance contracts, Air Comfort will be by your side every step of the way to offer reliable service and peace of mind.

We offer comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance of a range of equipment including:

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The Importance of HVAC Services for Food Processing

Your HVAC system is critical for your food processing operations because your facility must meet specific government regulations to operate successfully. At Air Comfort, we maintain your HVAC system so your facility has good air quality that meets the appropriate food safety regulations.

HVAC Services and Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

We understand the importance of heating and air conditioning for commercial kitchens, and we have extensive experience with commercial kitchen HVAC design. Because of this, we can design, build, plan, and install your system to accomodate your commercial kitchen needs and the state and federal food safety regulations it must meet.

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Additionally, our in-house fabrication shop can provide any components your kitchen’s HVAC system may need, from exhaust hoods to ductwork for your ventilation system. We can also provide your commercial kitchen with makeup air units. No matter what your kitchen’s HVAC system needs, we will provide you with it.

Customized Solutions for Your Kitchen

Air Comfort provides environmentally responsible solutions to maintain the quality of your food for happy and healthy consumers. The only way to make sure your product is at your high-quality standards is to hold the environment around it to a high standard. Our cutting-edge commercial HVAC systems provide up-to-date temperature control and energy-saving solutions to bring out the best in your facility. Air Comfort’s scalable commercial HVAC solutions can help your food processing plant maintain high-quality production without sacrificing health and safety standards. Reach out to Air Comfort today and see how we can deliver peace of mind for your facility at an affordable rate.

Make-Up Air Units

We can provide your commercial kitchen with make-up air units to send in replacement air as you cook. That way, your the exhaust air will be ventilated out and fresh air will filter in. Your indoor air quality will stay good, creating a healthy environment for your employees and the food you cook and produce.

Customized Food Processing Solutions

When we design, install, maintain, or repair your commercial kitchen’s or food manufacturing facility’s HVAC system, we customize our services and techniques so they fit your system’s needs and your business operations. We understand that no two food processing plants or commercial kitchens are the same, so we provide services that are as individual as each facility.

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