Condensing Boilers

Condensing gas boilers offer an energy-efficient solution for your facility’s heating problems. Air Comfort’s expert technicians provide comprehensive planning and design to find a condensing boiler that fits your facility’s scale, budget, and current space.

Condensing Gas Boiler Installation and Maintenance

Condensing gas boilers operate at a more efficient level than traditional gas boilers—the heat exchangers of condensing gas boilers are built to withstand condensation and function at lower operational temperatures, resulting in less energy consumption and fewer ongoing maintenance issues.

Air Comfort’s scalable HVAC solutions are designed to meet your facility’s needs without compromising quality, cost, and workflow. Condensing gas boilers can be a boon for your facility’s energy consumption and prolong its functionality with minimal downtime. Condensing boilers can help your facility by:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Lowering your monthly energy bill
  • Fitting in your existing space with a compact design
  • Lessening environmental impact

To find the condensing gas boiler model that’s right for your commercial, industrial, or residential facility, call Air Comfort today.

Condensing Boiler Controls

Condensing boiler control systems include several types of controls such as a system enable control, optimal boiler sequencing, outside air temperature (OAT) reset, and load reset. These controls determine how the water is cycled from the boiler out through the pipes, and the temperature set points where water will be sent back to the heater to be heated again. At Air Comfort, we help you understand your boiler controls’ set points and how they affect your boiler system’s operations.

Scalable Boiler Solutions

At Air Comfort, we use our design-build services and applied equipment solutions to create a condensing boiler system scaled to your facility’s size and heating load needs. Our three engineers in our in-house fabrication shop can also fabricate any components your system may need. We provide these services and solutions so you can work with just one company to build a new boiler system. While we have connections with top HVAC manufacturers, we have the experience and skills to create scaled HVAC solutions ourselves.

Condensing Boilers’ Energy Efficiency

Condensing boilers are more energy efficient than traditional gas boilers because they run at lower operational temperatures and release few emissions, such as carbon dioxide, into the air. These aspects help decrease your facility’s environmental impact by creating and using cleaner energy than traditional gas boilers. If you want to reduce your building’s environmental impact and begin using cleaner energy that produces fewer carbon emissions, check out our condensing boiler solutions today.

Condensing Boilers Offer Efficiency at a Low Monthly Rate

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How Does a Gas Condensing Boiler Work?

In a gas condensing boiler, natural gas heats a water boiler. Then a pump with an electronic ignition sends the hot water out into the pipes to heat your building’s rooms through radiators. As the water travels farther away from the hot water boiler, it cools down, and then returns to the boiler and the process repeats itself.

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If you have any questions about how condensing boiler heating systems work or how one would fit into your facility, feel free to contact us today. One of our expert technicians can answer your questions and help you implement a condensing boiler system in your building.

The Benefits of Condensing Boilers

Most experts in the HVAC industry consider gas-fired condensing boilers more energy efficient than traditional gas boilers. Where traditional gas boilers release carbon dioxide and other emissions into the air through a flue, a condensing boiler uses a heat exchanger to heat up the boiler’s excess water. This process reduces boiler energy consumption and overall heat losses by harnessing that energy and reapplying it to the boiler system. That means it increases the boiler’s efficiency and your energy savings.

Why Use Air Comfort?

Most HVAC companies offer one-size-fits-all solutions that rarely mesh with your needs. At Air Comfort, our dedicated team of engineers and technicians provide detailed assessments and audits to identify a solution that fits seamlessly into your existing space without compromising your budget or workflow. While many companies will try to sell you something your facility doesn’t need, we work hard to give you only what you need. Call Air Comfort today and find the heating solution that’s right for you.

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