Controls Design

Building Automation Controls

Air Comfort provides building automation controls to integrate into your facility’s operations seamlessly. Our user-friendly automation solutions are designed to accommodate your specific needs all within your existing HVAC system. Centralized control over temperature, lights, air quality, and other HVAC-related facets of your facility can help your staff streamline their operations. For optimal productivity, the ability to reduce energy usage, and to stay ahead of any potential issues with your system, building automated controls offer a simple solution. We collaborate with several renowned providers including Carrier, Honeywell, and Johnson to deliver the solution that’s right for your building.

How Can Automation Help My Building?

Centralized control over your building allows your team superior HVAC operations monitoring. A lack of control over your facility and HVAC systems can lead to over-spending, inefficient energy consumption, and unsafe working conditions that stifle productivity and harm your staff. Maintaining your workspace’s climate is crucial for staying on top of energy flow and your bottom line. Don’t let a fixable problem set you back from your business goals. Air Comfort’s personalized building automation controls offer a cutting-edge solution to an age-old problem—how can I control my facility even when I’m not in the room?

Automation is the way of the future.

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Personalized Solutions for Lasting Quality

Finding a solution that allows for complete control over your facility isn’t out of reach. Air Comfort’s automated controls are a simple, attainable alternative to a chaotic outdated HVAC system you can’t easily control. Our comprehensive benchmarking and system audits identify how automation can help improve your facility’s operations. Air Comfort’s customized automation services are here to point you in the right direction for efficient energy usage, lower monthly payments, and streamlined regulation.