Sheet Metal

Air Comfort’s on-site master problem solvers customize a full range of HVAC applications your facility needs in our shop. If your new system needs customized equipment fittings, our team offers custom sheet metal design services to accommodate whatever equipment needs to be built. We provide a quick turnaround time—if you need a project completed within a day, we’re happy to meet your schedule.

Sheet Metal Design

Our in-house sheet metal installers provide high-quality results that minimize downtime and deliver durable equipment for your facility.

In-House Custom HVAC Ductwork and Customized Equipment

Air Comfort’s on-site craftsmen provide a broad range of HVAC applications you need for a fully functioning, reliable system. We offer quick turnaround for equipment including:

  • Duct Systems
  • Lab hoods
  • Oven and equipment exhaust systems
  • Fume, chemical, and dust exhaust systems

Our customized equipment is hand-crafted to fit seamlessly into your facility’s system for durable performance. Don’t settle for a solution that isn’t specific to your HVAC system and takes forever to install. At Air Comfort, our sheet metal design services offer a quick turnaround to minimize downtime and optimize your HVAC.

Quality Products Designed In-House

Our on-site team provides the quality your facility needs to solve your HVAC problems.

Need a Project Done Quickly?

Finding a provider that delivers quality equipment in a short period isn’t easy to come by. Air Comfort’s quick, professional service improves your facility’s operations without sacrificing your time or budget. Don’t waste any more time dealing with equipment that’s not customized for your facility and your needs—with Air Comfort, the transition to a more efficient tomorrow has never been easier.

Discover Our Quick-Response Services.
When we design, build, and install HVAC equipment for you, we can perform those services within a week of the initial design. Learn More.

We can deliver customized sheet metal duct fittings and sheet metal design solutions within a short period after we develop an initial design for your project. This  process ensures you receive cost-effective HVAC services so you can return to focusing on your business after we complete the project.

Our Sheet Metal Design Capabilities

When we provide you with our custom sheet metal design solutions, we create any metal components your HVAC system needs. We craft our custom HVAC ductwork and sheet metal solutions in our in-house shop, where we have a plasma table to create your system’s metal parts. With our plasma cutting and laser cutting techniques, we create the HVAC equipment and components needed to complete the project.

How does our in-house sheet metal design and fabrication shop fit into our design-build and installation processes? If your new or retrofitted HVAC system needs a metal part crafted in a specific size or shape that departs from traditional designs, we can design and develop that part in our shop with our precision sheet metal design services. This reduces the time you spend waiting for us to complete the project, since we can craft the missing pieces ourselves instead of waiting for a third-party manufacturer to deliver them.

Ask About Our In-House Sheet Metal Installer Services

When you reach out to us about completing an HVAC project, inquire about how our in-house design shop can create components for it.

Learn More About Our Sheet Metal Solutions

Connect with us today to find out how our sheet metal design and custom HVAC ductwork solutions can solve your HVAC problems or improve your in-progress HVAC project.