Emergency HVAC Services

When something goes “bump” in the night, are you prepared? If it’s your HVAC system, you might be in trouble! Finding a solution at any hour isn’t as difficult as it seems when you work with Air Comfort. Our team of experienced problem solvers provides comprehensive 24/7 emergency Chicagoland HVAC support.



Just a Phone Call Away

In four hours or less, one of our skilled field technicians will provide the care you never thought you could find at 4 a.m. Not all commercial/industrial HVAC service providers can be counted on when your system fails you—luckily, Air Comfort can.

Problems We Solve
For a broad range of commercial/industrial HVAC service issues, Air Comfort is the provider for you. No matter what time of day you’re experiencing difficulties with your current system, Air Comfort is available for support. We offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance and repair services for any equipment you’re having trouble with, such as:

  • No heat
  • Air-conditioner not cooling
  • HVAC leaks
  • Broken AC units
  • Banging or clanging HVAC units

The Benefits of Emergency HVAC Repair Services

No matter how well you maintain your HVAC system, an HVAC emergency is still possible. That’s why HVAC 24-hour emergency services are a great asset for your business and your facility. At Air Comfort, we send one of our field technicians to your site within four hours of your call, no matter what time of day it is. We offer these emergency HVAC services because we understand that you need your HVAC equipment to work at all hours so your business can be operational.

Emergency HVAC Repair Prevention

While our emergency HVAC services are here when you need them, our maintenance contracts can help you reduce your need for emergency HVAC repairs. These contracts allow us to perform preventive maintenance on your system. That means we make regular visits to inspect your HVAC equipment and perform small checks and repairs. Fixing small problems before they become large ones saves you the time and money you’ll spend on large heating and air conditioning repairs if your system goes unchecked.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Air Comfort’s problem solvers are here to help with 24/7 HVAC support services.

For Your Commercial / Industrial HVAC Service, Air Comfort Is Here to Help

If you find yourself in a difficult situation with your HVAC and require immediate assistance, don’t worry—Air Comfort is here to save the day. Our field technicians are available for support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to get your system back up and running quickly, so you never have to be without your heat or cool air. If you think that there’s an issue with your HVAC system, don’t wait until it’s too late! For immediate assistance call us or contact us through our easy-to-use web form.

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