Data Center

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Data Center HVAC Systems

Data backup and cloud-based services have made offsite data centers more and more common. They provide an industry-leading level of protection for many companies data and supply premium computing power to their clients. One of the biggest challenges in running a data center is managing the heating and cooling of the location and the racks. An improperly managed cooling system can result in equipment failure and disruption of service.

Data centers need to stay up and running around the clock. This requires a system from an HVAC provider with expertise and experience. Air Comfort has over 80 years of expertise in the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning industry. We are a trusted provider of HVAC services to nationwide companies like AT&T. Our employees put safety first, and embrace employee training to always stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the HVAC industry. We provide cutting-edge solutions to your workspace.

Data facilities present a unique HVAC challenge.

A challenge Air Comfort is ready to meet.

Data Centers Are A Crucial Service Industry

The key to an HVAC system for data centers is the strategic dispersion of air. It is much more than just blasting cooling towers. Just increasing your volume of cooling would result in overworking your air conditioning system. It is not an efficient way of achieving rack cooling. Air Comfort knows that the most productive HVAC system is one that regulates the cooling and heating systems together. HVAC services for data centers can be challenging for some because of the complex systems involved 24/7.

It is about much more than comfort and reducing the amount of heat. An unplanned outage could result in complete data loss. Our team of experts will deliver planning and installation services to data centers in the Chicagoland area. We offer maintenance contracts and emergency services as well. As an industry leader, Air Comfort understands your needs and has solutions for your challenges.

Providing Services That Are Clean And Efficient

Our data center HVAC design isn’t just about keeping your racks and building cool, but considering your energy billing and the effects of hot air. Our strategic dispersion of air cooling will provide the appropriate level of rack cooling while remaining energy efficient. Our HVAC data center designs will regulate your air temperature more productively with scalable solutions for your heating and cooling issues. This design can cut your HVAC costs and fit more easily into your budget.

Data facilities also have to be more careful about the quality of their air. Dust and particulate can damage hardware just as much as heat. Our proactive approach to using the latest techniques and technology will keep your air clean while maintaining the perfect temperature. We understand the challenges of your industry and have the solutions to cool your data center while meeting your budget.