When’s the last time you made sure you were getting the most from your Chicagoland HVAC system? Air Comfort provides comprehensive commercial/industrial HVAC installation and retrofitting services for your facility, no matter your environment. Our commercial HVAC retrofit process includes scalable solutions to accommodate any facility, whether it’s commercial or industrial. We will solve your HVAC problems with the right retrofit for your facility.



Comprehensive Evaluation

Our flexible solutions don’t always include a categorical overhaul of your current system—our experienced technicians provide the fine-tuned know-how needed to get the most from your existing HVAC system.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial/industrial HVAC installation or maintenance job. Air Comfort handles projects of any scale with the same diligent care and customer service we provide for every client.

Our audits, installation, maintenance, and retrofitting services include:

  • Comprehensive consultations
  • Careful selection of an energy-efficient HVAC system that fits your budget and existing environment
  • Customized design for specifically sized equipment
  • Flexible solutions
  • Preventive maintenance

Scalable, Reliable Service for an Affordable Cost

Getting the most from your HVAC has never been easier. Our problem solvers will design and install the right retrofit for your building.

Our HVAC Evaluation Services

If you need to retrofit your HVAC system, our evaluation services determine your facility’s exact heating and cooling needs. Once we evaluate your system’s and your facility’s needs, we develop heating and air conditioning solutions that meet them. When we develop these solutions, we make sure they fit within your budget so you have affordable energy costs.

The Retrofit Types We Offer

At Air Comfort, we offer flexible commercial HVAC retrofit services, meaning we can create solutions for facilities of many sizes and with different types of HVAC equipment. For instance, we can perform multi-zone HVAC retrofits so you can control temperatures and heating and cooling features in different zones of your facility with zone dampers and bypass dampers. We can also perform HVAC retrofitting for small facilities that may not need multi-zone solutions.

Ask Us About Our Control Retrofit Capabilities Today.
We can retrofit your system’s controls so you have access to the latest temperature control technology. Learn More.

We have the capabilities to take on a wide variety of HVAC retrofit projects. Our solutions make sure your system runs with the latest techniques and technology, so you can save your budget on an HVAC replacement.

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Retrofitting Instead of Replacing

Why consider retrofitting when you can just replace your HVAC system? You should consider retrofitting your system because it may still have a lot of life left in it. Retrofitting brings your aging system up to date with current HVAC technologies and techniques so it can perform with high efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

If you’re weighing whether to retrofit or replace your HVAC system, consider this rule of thumb: Calculate the cost of the retrofit or the repairs you need. If those costs are at least half the cost of a new system, you’re due for a replacement. If the costs are lower than that, you’re better off repairing and retrofitting your system.

No matter what the size or scale of your project is, Air Comfort offers comprehensive support and diligent maintenance. Purchasing a new HVAC system isn’t always necessary—our team of experienced technicians will help you get the most from your existing system by retrofitting your current equipment. To see how you can maximize your current system, reach out to Air Comfort today.

Additional Retrofitting Options

Our retrofit services go beyond traditional commercial HVAC systems and HVAC controls. We can also retrofit heat pumps and duct systems, depending on your facility’s needs. No matter what kind of retrofitting problems your facility needs solved, we use all our resources, including our in-house fabrication shop, to retrofit your HVAC system.

Discover our retrofitting services and see how they can solve your HVAC problems today!

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Our retrofitting services can solve your system’s efficiency and air quality problems. Contact us today to learn more!