Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Regular preventative maintenance ensures your HVAC system remains operating as efficiently as possible while avoiding preventable issues in the long run. Unforeseen maintenance fees can have a disastrous effect on your budget and cause a drastic overhaul of your current HVAC system. At Air Comfort, our preventative maintenance contracts are designed to protect your organization and solve your HVAC problems by prioritizing the optimal performance of your HVAC infrastructure.

Your HVAC System Experts

At Air Comfort, we pride ourselves on having the breadth and depth of experience to work on Chicagoland HVAC systems of just about any make or model, even if we didn’t install them. We provide comprehensive services and preventative maintenance contracts for a broad variety of commercial HVAC system equipment, such as:

Preventative Maintenance Tasks

At Air Comfort, we can perform a wide range of preventive HVAC maintenance tasks. We can perform minimal preventative maintenance tasks, such as checking and changing belts and filters, or we can perform more complicated tasks. The HVAC preventative maintenance contract we draw up with you outlines which tasks we will perform during our routine preventative maintenance visits. When you enter into a maintenance agreement with us, you can determine how you want us to handle your HVAC system and which tasks we should perform regularly.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Why is preventive HVAC maintenance important for your system and your facility? Preventative maintenance plans, visits, and service contracts keep your HVAC system working well and they prevent little problems from growing bigger. Overall, when you engage in preventative maintenance, your HVAC system experiences fewer major breakdowns because technicians make annual maintenance visits to inspect the system and make small repairs.

The Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts

HVAC preventative maintenance contracts allow you to plan and budget for your HVAC system, instead of waiting for it to break down and paying large sums for major repairs. With a maintenance contract in place, you will know which tasks the technician will perform during a maintenance visit and you can pay a monthly fee for these services. This reduces your energy costs in the long run, since your system will run more efficiently and you won’t have to pay for major repairs very often.

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Connect with us today to discuss the details of a preventative maintenance contract. Our problem solvers will build our contracts around your business’s needs.

Maintain Your HVAC Like Never Before

Our full-coverage preventative maintenance contracts protect your company and help your operations run more smoothly than ever. Air Comfort’s experienced field technicians provide comprehensive support to safeguard your HVAC from avoidable issues and unforeseen system malfunctions. Unlike other HVAC maintenance companies, we don’t wait until it’s too late—we nullify the problem before it even shows up.

Preventive maintenance reduces your machines’ downtime and lowers total operating costs, all while extending the life of your equipment. When you can avoid expensive failures, you end up saving money in the long run. Preventive HVAC maintenance is also green because you save energy when you have your HVAC system’s condenser and evaporator coils inspected and cleaned regularly. Air Comfort can help keep your equipment running all year round and prevent expensive issues from happening.

Emergency HVAC Service

When you sign a heating and cooling preventative maintenance contract with Air Comfort, you receive priority should you ever need emergency services or repairs. While our preventative maintenance contracts are designed to mitigate the risk of critical system failure, we understand that emergencies do happen. As a regular maintenance partner, your organization can experience the benefit of priority service, even during peak seasons when HVAC problems are most frequent and the consequences most disastrous. And if system repairs are ever required because of our negligence or mistake, we cover the cost of your commercial HVAC repairs!

Improve Your HVAC System With a Maintenance Contract

A cooling and central heating preventative maintenance contract can help you reduce your energy costs and increase your HVAC system’s energy efficiency by giving you insight to how your system is maintained. We tailor and adapt our services, so they fit your facility and your business operations. If you want HVAC maintenance that takes your needs into consideration, Air Comfort is here to provide it for you.

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