At Air Comfort, we have provided HVAC services to the Chicago area since 1935. We have the flexible problem-solving services to meet your HVAC needs as an MCA Certified HVAC provider.

How Will Air Comfort Meet My HVAC Needs?

Finding an HVAC system that works within your space comes down to the quality of your chosen provider. Air Comfort offers up-to-date HVAC maintenance and retrofitting services to combat outdated technology and inject new life into your current HVAC system. Using an old system doesn’t always mean you need to replace it—sometimes you just need some regular maintenance to get the most from your current HVAC system.

Our Chicagoland HVAC maintenance services optimize your system to maximize its efficiency. Whether you need commercial HVAC services for your heating, air conditioning, or ventilation, we come up with an efficient, cost-effective solution every time. At Air Comfort, we regularly rank among the 2% of HVAC contractors nationwide, so you know your HVAC and air conditioning services will be performed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why trust an HVAC contractor with your HVAC system’s annual maintenance? Because we know to take care of all its moving parts: air filters, chillers, condenser coils, and condensate drains, among others. Regularly checking and fixing these components extends and improves your heating and cooling system’s lifespan and reduces your utility bills. Whether you need repairs for your air conditioner, ventilation, traditional heating system, or heat pump, we have the solutions.

Do you have an older HVAC system that you arent ready to replace? Rely on MCA Certified problem solvers like those at Air Comfort to retrofit it with modern solutions that make the most of your current system.

Emergency HVAC Service

If your HVAC system experiences a major breakdown, we offer 24/7 emergency services and support, so you can find help no matter what time of day it is. Whether youre dealing with no heat, a broken AC unit, a banging or clanging HVAC unit, or HVAC leaks, we send one of our 50 field technicians to solve the problem. We get your system up and running so you dont experience down time. Call us or fill out our online form anytime you need emergency HVAC assistance.

Engineers in mechanical factory check the air condition on building

Maintenance Contracts

At Air Comfort, we offer maintenance contracts that allow us to check on and repair your HVAC system periodically. We offer this service because small repairs and maintenance checks reduce the number of major problems and breakdowns your system suffers in the long run. A maintenance contract also allows you to develop a relationship with a single HVAC provider. So if your system does experience problems, they will be solved by a contractor who knows your system inside and out.

Our Commissioning, Retrofitting, and Base Building Systems Services

These problem-solving services help you install and deploy a new HVAC system or update an existing system within your facility.


Our teams of problem solvers specialize in creating HVAC solutions that meet your facility’s space requirements while making the most of your budget. When we commission an HVAC system, our technicians use their training in and experience with equipment startup and control operations to ensure your system is installed and running properly.




At Air Comfort, we understand that an aging HVAC system is not an obsolete one. That’s why we offer retrofitting services to give your current HVAC system the latest technological advantages. By choosing retrofitting over replacement, you can use modern technology to run your system without causing large amounts of downtime or inconvenience for you and your employees.



Base Building Systems

If you have a new facility, we can construct base building HVAC systems for it. This service helps integrate your HVAC system with all the other systems in your building, reducing issues down the road. At Air Comfort, we work with all the major HVAC manufacturers, including Carrier, Trane, York, Johnson, and Mitsubishi, so no matter what type of base building system you need, we can install and maintain it.



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Find out how we can design, build, and install an HVAC system that solves all your facilitys HVAC problems.

Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is what makes your facility a safe, healthy place to work. If you have poor indoor air quality, your HVAC system doesnt filter out dangerous pollutants, allergens, and bacteria that could make your facilitys occupants sick. We maintain your system and check your indoor air quality to make sure your facility remains safe and healthy.

Refrigerant Phase-Out

Does your HVAC system use R22 refrigerant? If thats the case, you should know the government is officially phasing out R22 on Jan. 1, 2020, so it will no longer be produced in or imported into the U.S. This is happening because R22 has harmful environmental effects. If you find yourself dealing with an HVAC system that relies on R22, we can help you find an alternative refrigerant with a smaller environmental impact.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

When it comes to commercial HVAC maintenance, experience makes the difference. Your organization or business deserves a service provider who understands how to deliver the optimal performance and prolong the longevity of your HVAC equipment. A team of commercially-oriented HVAC experts will be able to assess and address your needs quickly and accurately. We’ll save you time and money, while keeping your work environment comfortable.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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