Building Automation Systems

Streamline Your Controls with Air Comfort

Air Comfort offers comprehensive building automation systems (BAS) to streamline your building management controls and HVAC equipment. Our user-friendly interface gives you simple, intuitive control over your heating and cooling systems.

Say goodbye to hidden problems. Air Comfort’s cutting-edge building automation design solutions stop small issues from falling through the cracks, so your team never misses a thing. Building automation design systems simplify your HVAC service for centralized control that assists with energy conservation, reducing monthly energy bills, and improving your working conditions.

Why Use Our Building Automation Design Services?

Building automation design removes the hassle that was once common with HVAC system maintenance. Chaotic, poorly connected controls can have disastrous consequences for your HVAC and lead to poor energy usage and going over budget.

Luckily for you, operating your HVAC system with Air Comfort’s user-friendly automation design allows your team to:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Remotely access your HVAC system
  • Regulate energy output for optimal efficiency
  • Regulate heating and cooling machinery
  • Monitor air quality for high-quality working conditions
  • Proactively identify potential areas of concern
  • Simplify maintenance procedures for minimal work stoppages

User-friendly automation gives more centralized control.

Maintain your HVAC better than ever with Air Comfort.

Integrated Control Systems

A BAS has the power to integrate and control just about any of your facility management systems, including:

  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Ventilation units
  • Lighting systems
  • Water systems
  • Alarms and security

Because a BAS allows all of these systems to work in unison, you have a comprehensive energy platform built around how your facility operates. Our BAS solutions prioritize intelligent design, so the system learns your business patterns and adapts energy systems to meet your demands as efficiently as possible.

Plus, you end up saving substantial money on maintenance and repair costs because your equipment only runs when it’s needed. We design and build your BAS infrastructure to deliver a full return on your investment in as little as a year. With Air Comfort, your BAS will start generating positive cash flow before you know it.

Our BAS solutions proactively monitor your energy systems to alert you if a component may need to be repaired or replaced soon. That way, you can mitigate the risk of critical failure by addressing concerns before they lead to downtime. Because a BAS allows you to set your controls and forget about them, you won’t have to worry about anyone forgetting to turn down the thermostat before you leave. This approach frees your team up to focus on more critical day-to-day tasks.

Need An Upgrade?

Outdated, underperforming technology can lead to budget issues, malfunctioning HVAC operations, and ill-fitting solutions that don’t make sense for your facility. Get to know your system inside and out with Air Comfort’s building automation design.

Contact us today to see how our team of dedicated technicians can offer personalized building automation design solutions that are customized to your facility’s exact needs and budget.