Control Retrofitting

Working with outdated equipment that doesn’t fit your facility can lead to inefficient energy usage, budgetary issues, and deteriorating equipment. Air Comfort’s expert problem solvers are the premium building control integrators you’ve been waiting for—no more wasting time with outdated technology that slows your HVAC system down!

Personalized Control Retrofits

We provide cutting-edge, user-friendly control retrofits from providers like Carrier, Honeywell, and Johnson to help your team increase their control over your HVAC for improved monitoring and centralized control. Upgrading existing technology and adding wireless controls doesn’t have to be a hassle—for seamless integration, call Air Comfort today.

Frustrated by Outdated HVAC?

Air Comfort is here to take the system you already know and feel comfortable using and retrofit it to maximize productivity while also minimizing downtime. Outdated HVAC doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced by “bigger and better” equipment—sometimes your system just needs fine-tuned for centralized control over your facility. We offer control retrofits that build on your existing system without breaking the bank. Retrofitting doesn’t need to cause a headache—with Air Comfort, it has never been easier.

Wireless HVAC Controls

When we retrofit your HVAC controls, we can provide you with wireless control solutions such as a wireless HVAC zone control system. These solutions allow you to control your HVAC system simply and seamlessly without tangling with wires. When we retrofit an HVAC zone control system for you, we provide you with zone control panels, so you can set each zone in your facility to HVAC settings its operations need and its occupants prefer.

AC Control Panels

We can also provide you with an AC control panel so you can use an AC remote control during warmer months. With an air conditioner remote control, you can adjust the AC controls no matter where you are in your facility. With an AC remote control, you can adjust the controls as needed. This increases your energy savings because you won’t use more or less energy than your building needs when you can adjust the controls so quickly.

It’s Time for an Upgrade

Air Comfort control retrofits offer a user-friendly way to solve your HVAC problems.

How We Retrofit Your HVAC Controls

When we retrofit your HVAC controls, we give you access to new technology, so you don’t have to replace your entire HVAC system. We provide you with a user-friendly interface, so you can access your controls quickly and easily. We also upgrade and add controls based on your facility’s needs. Additionally, we create an HVAC zoning system, so your facility is divided into zones with remote temperature controls. That way, the right amount of air travels through your air duct system to heat or cool each zone with just the touch of a button.

Update Your HVAC Controls for Quality Performance

HVAC control retrofits improve your system’s functionality without requiring a massive equipment overhaul. We collaborate with several high-quality vendors to deliver a control retrofit that fits seamlessly into your facility without causing disruptions or dramatically overextending your budget. When you don’t have to replace a full HVAC system, you can afford to update your current system with a retrofit. Say goodbye to an outdated control panel and find the system that’s right for you with Air Comfort.

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No matter which control retrofit you need, we have the vendor connections and the skills to apply the retrofits that will modernize your HVAC controls. From installing zoning systems to upgrading your air handler, we can update your controls to extend your HVAC system’s lifespan.

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In addition to controls, we can also retrofit your entire HVAC system. Reach out to us today to learn more about that process.

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