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Worried that your current HVAC system isn’t getting the job done? Interested in saving money on your monthly energy bill? Air Comfort offers full-service commercial building audits to identify and solve problems within your HVAC system. We help your facility find ways to improve operations with a full building audit.



Commercial Building Audits

Our dedicated experts diligently comb through your HVAC system to pinpoint weaknesses, identify redundancies, and calculate what your HVAC can handle versus your system’s current output. Finding new ways to use energy efficiently while saving on your monthly bill can make all the difference. For up to a week, Air Comfort scours your HVAC to get an overall view of how your system is working, from day-to-day operations to overnight use.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

Assessing your energy usage, facility output, and HVAC-related spending practices is a crucial way to ensure your HVAC is working precisely as it should. If it isn’t, Air Comfort will show you what you need to know going forward.

Find Out How Well Your HVAC System Operates

A commercial building energy audit shows you how well your HVAC system performs and whether it provides your existing building with good indoor air quality. At Air Comfort, we analyze how well your system circulates good-quality air through your facility and determine where its weak points lie. After we complete our audit, we show you how to maintain your HVAC system and keep it running efficiently.

Is Your System Running Well?

Find out with Air Comfort’s commercial building audits.

The HVAC Energy Audit Process

HVAC energy audits include a site walk-through where we conduct a preliminary energy analysis and make low- and no-cost recommendations. In the next ASHRAE-level step, we conduct a more thorough energy survey analysis during a more detailed site visit, where we examine your HVAC system closely. After we conduct the analysis, we provide you with energy audit reports so you understand how well your system currently operates and which of our recommendations will help your system improve.

Our Benchmarking Process

Our building energy benchmarking process measures your building’s energy performance. We compare your building’s performance to the energy performance of similar buildings and similar facilities in your industry. Then you will understand how well your facility performs within its industry and what kinds of improvements you should make.

Have An Energy Audit Performed

Reach out to us today to schedule a building energy audit for your facility. An audit can help solve your building’s HVAC problems.

Are You Getting the Most From Your HVAC?

Our commercial building audits include:

  • System solutions and cost savings
  • Make and model assessments
  • Load measurements (by calculating actual load versus equipment handling capabilities)
  • Rate finding for your equipment
  • Problem-solving for future installation and continual updates and improvements
  • Best practices for next logical steps

Air Comfort’s commercial building audits improve your facility’s HVAC and optimize your system for future performance. We identify system issues that can lead to over-spending so you can find an alternative solution to existing problems and eliminate future problems before they can happen. Call Air Comfort today and see how our commercial building audits can provide you the peace of mind you deserve at an affordable rate.

Improve Your Applied Equipment Solutions

During our audit and benchmarking process, we rate your equipment and examine its capabilities. If you would like to solve any applied equipment problems after we complete the audit process, you can take advantage of our applied equipment solutions.

Improve Your System’s Energy Efficiency

If you receive your audit report and find you want to improve your system’s energy efficiency, you should consider using our condensing boiler solutions. A condensing boiler system will give you a clean energy and water heating system that will reduce your building’s carbon emissions.

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Our audit and benchmarking solutions show you where your HVAC system currently is and how our problem solvers can improve it.