Commercial Building Audits

Worried that your current HVAC system isn’t getting the job done? Interested in saving money on your monthly energy bill? Air Comfort offers full-service commercial building audits specifically designed to identify issues within your HVAC system that could use improvement. Our team of dedicated experts diligently comb through your HVAC system and machinery to pinpoint weaknesses, identify redundancies, and calculate what your HVAC can handle vs. your systems current output. Find new ways to efficiently use energy while saving on your monthly energy bill can make all the difference going forward—for up to a week, Air Comfort scours your HVAC to get an overall view of how your system is working from day-to-day operations to overnight use. We’ll help your facility find ways to improve operations proactively with a full building audit.


There’s Always Rooms for Improvement

Assessing your energy usage, facility output, and HVAC-related spending practices is a crucial way to ensure that your HVAC is working precisely as it should—if it isn’t, Air Comfort will show you what you need to know going forward.

Is your system running well?

Find out with Air Comfort’s commercial building audits.

Are You Getting the Most out of your HVAC?

Our commercial building audits include:

  • System solutions and cost savings
  • Make and model assessments
  • Measure loads by calculating actual load vs. equipment handling capabilities
  • Rate finding for your equipment
  • Problem-solving for future installation for continual updates and improvements
  • Best practices for next logical steps

Air Comfort’s commercial building audits improve your facility’s HVAC and will optimize your system for future performance. We proactively identify system issues that can lead to over-spending so that you can find an alternative solution to existing problems and eliminate future problems before they can happen. Call Air Comfort today and see how our commercial building audits can provide you the peace of mind you deserve at an affordable rate.