Air Comfort provides mechanical piping solutions for everything from small copper pipes to large diameter piping projects. Our scalable solutions solve your HVAC problems whether you need installation, maintenance, or retrofitting. We offer services for commercial, industrial, healthcare, food-processing, and residential settings.



Mechanical Piping for Your HVAC

Our personalized service ensures the mechanical piping you need fits seamlessly into your facility to optimize operations and transfer any liquid, steam, gas, chemical, or waste that needs to be moved.

Air Comfort’s dedicated experts provide mechanical piping fabrication for whatever task you’re looking to accomplish, including but not limited to:

  • Heating water system piping
  • Chilled water system piping
  • Steam piping
  • Stainless process piping
  • Snowmelt and radiant heating
  • Retrofits and new construction

Our customized solutions are guaranteed to improve workflows in your facility and streamline your mechanical piping setup. For optimal transference of water, steam, gases, chemicals, or waste, choose Air Comfort’s high-quality mechanical piping fabrication services.

Custom Piping With Quick Turnaround Times

Air Comfort provides quality customized piping fabrication to solve your HVAC problems.

HVAC Piping Design Services

We can offer you our HVAC piping design services as a part of our design-build services. Whether you need us to design and construct a steam distribution system or create stainless industrial process piping, we have the resources and experience to design and build it for you. We understand how vital piping systems are for filtering steam and condensate and sending heated and chilled water through your HVAC system, so we provide you with customized piping solutions that carry water, steam, and condensate throughout your facility in safe, efficient ways.

Fabrication Solutions for HVAC Piping Design

At Air Comfort, we use our in-house sheet metal fabrication shop to create piping solutions for your facility. Our mechanical engineers design and develop customized fabricated HVAC components to fit your facility’s size, shape, and load requirements. We can fabricate piping systems, duct systems, duct fittings, and many more HVAC parts as your project requires them.

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Whether your project needs steel pipes, flexible ducts, or both, we have the skills and resources to fabricate and install them for you. Our piping, metal duct, and other component fabrications improve your heating and air conditioning systems’ energy efficiency by preventing heat loss, among other common HVAC issues.

After we install an HVAC system, we maintain it throughout its lifespan. That way, the technicians fixing any issues that arise are the same ones who built your system and installed the fabricated components. Because of these processes, we get to know your HVAC system inside and out, and we can provide any new solutions, including piping solutions, it may need in the future.

From Fabrication to Maintenance Contracts, Choose Air Comfort

Air Comfort’s comprehensive HVAC service includes customized piping fabrication to help your facility find the ideal mechanical piping solution for your space. From planning and spec services to design and fabrication; from installation and maintenance contracts to emergency service; Air Comfort is here to help. Choose a provider you can trust—call Air Comfort today.

Piping Construction and Retrofits

If you need new pipes built, we can do that for you. If you need your HVAC system’s pipes retrofitted with current solutions, we can provide those retrofits for you. Our engineers fabricate the pipes, and our project managers oversee their installation.

Snow Melt and Radiant Heating Solutions

If your facility struggles with getting rid of snow melt from its roof, or with heat loss produced by traditional heating methods, we have piping solutions for you. We use industry-leading piping methods to help heat rise up effectively to heat your facility’s rooms and get rid of excess snow outside.

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