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Small Installation Mistakes Can Cause Big, Long-Term Problems

When it’s time to upgrade or replace your HVAC system, your organization will spend hours researching the best high-quality equipment for your facility and assuring that it meets your unique needs. But sometimes, there may be the temptation to spend less time finding a quality, certified contractor actually to install the equipment. High-quality installations are just as important as choosing the perfect heating and cooling system for your building. Your HVAC installation has a significant impact on your system’s performance and its lifespan. This article will summarize some of the common mistakes inexperienced contractors make when installing equipment and the negative impact poor installation can have on your brand new HVAC equipment.


Common Installation Mistakes

Ignoring Monoxide Levels – Unfortunately, some contractors do not fully understand how a furnace combustion system operates. Either they’re minimally trained or not trained at all. The contractor should thoroughly inspect your unit for any cracks or leaks that could allow gas to escape. After inspection, the contractor should test for harmful gases and measure the system’s depressurization. If unchecked, your business could risk exposing employees, clients, and stakeholders to high levels of carbon monoxide.

Imprecise Measurements – One of the most common and easiest ways for a contractor to cut corners is by skipping measurements. Every building is unique. Each building will have different wear and tear, different insulation, different occupancy, and, as a result, different efficiency. Ensure that contractors take the time to measure your building and provide the service you deserve.

Bad Airflow – A common, less-intentional mistake HVAC contractors make is not considering the proper amount of ventilation a building needs to be up to code. Ventilation should encourage good air circulation and balance out air pressures. Improper distribution can lead to moisture damage, low air quality, and heightened energy bills. This mistake is sometimes difficult to catch in the act, but if the air in your home starts to feel damp, or you see moisture surfacing in areas, contact your service provider about improper ventilation. They should fix the issue for free if it is their mistake.


Common Problems Caused By Poor Installation

Decreased Indoor Comfort – Mistakes during your HVAC installation can increase energy bills and lead to a less comfortable interior. Problems include uneven temperatures throughout the building and reduced amounts of cooling or heating. On the other hand, a proper HVAC installation assures your equipment performs according to its specifications.

Shortened System Lifespan – A faulty HVAC installation does not just consume more energy–it also decreases your new system’s lifespan. A unit that is not installed according to correct specifications is more likely to fail earlier than an adequately installed unit. Poor installation forces the HVAC system to overwork and strain, putting a lot of stress on the system. HVAC components wear out faster, leading to more breakdowns.

Reduced Efficiency – Improper installations also lead to decreased efficiency. Even if the unit you bought has high energy performance ratings, the poor installation will not allow your unit to reach its full potential. Instead of saving you money, the unit can end up costing more when installed improperly. Work with experienced companies that carry proper certifications and qualifications.


Partner With YORK® Factory Certified Contractors

Installation is one of the essential elements of getting your new HVAC system up and running. Your organization will not be able to enjoy the increased efficiency and convenience of your new equipment promises if it is not installed correctly. If your HVAC system needs installation, reach out to the team at Air Comfort.

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Finally, YORK® offers a 100% guarantee on any On installation work, YORK® will address any material or workmanship issues, or we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money. For your next HVAC equipment installation, reach out to the YORK® certified technicians at Air Comfort and protect your peace of mind.