Why Partner with Air Comfort for Your HVAC Construction Project

If your facility or office building needs a new efficient HVAC system, Air Comfort’s design-build construction services can offer you cost-effective solutions that also save time from start to finish. Because we perform every step of the commercial HVAC construction process in house, you’ll collaborate with different parts of our team as they work on your project. We don’t outsource our design-build process because our team has the skills and experience to design and install multiple kinds of HVAC systems and components.

How HVAC Systems Work

To explain the types of HVAC components and systems we design and build, we need to outline how heating and cooling systems work. First, there are simple and complex HVAC systems. Simple systems use refrigerant directly to cool and heat air, and simple furnaces use gas, oil, or water to heat air. A simple system often serves one zone of a building with direct control over it.

Complex systems use secondary units to transfer heating and cooling to the building. For instance, in a complex heating system, a boiler heats water that is sent through pipes to heating coils. In a complex cooling system, a chiller houses the refrigerant, and the chiller sends chilled water to cooling coils. Complex HVAC systems serve multiple zones in a building.

You can find more information on how HVAC systems generate heating and cooling here.

HVAC Systems and Components We Design and Build

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems

A VAV system is a complex central air system designed to cover multiple zones in a building. Each zone has a terminal or box that modulates airflow based on the system’s cooling load and reheats air to meet the zone’s heating needs, all while maintaining a minimum airflow for the zone’s ventilation needs. These processes allow the system’s zones to receive the right amount of warm or cool air to heat or cool each specific space. If your building needs a VAV type of HVAC installation, we will design and build it according to your building’s size and airflow capacity needs.


Chillers are components of complex HVAC systems that also require boilers to heat water. The boilers provide the heat, whereas the chillers send chilled water through pipes to cooling coils. If your facility needs a chiller for its complex HVAC system, we can provide one so your system can pipe cool water to its cooling coils.

Rooftop Units

As their name suggests, these units sit on a commercial building’s roof and contain a heating side and a cooling side. These systems often require large vertical ducts to run from floor to floor to distribute air, but they also come with low initial costs and they are relatively simple systems compared to the others described here. Air Comfort can design and build a rooftop unit to meet your building’s needs.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are different from the HVAC systems detailed above because they pull heat from the air or water in a given area and transfer it to another area. Most heat pumps have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit to condense, compress, and transfer the air, and the condenser and compressor are located in the outside unit. If your commercial building needs a heat pump or multiple heat pumps to cover several zones in your building, we will use our design-build project delivery services to create and install one for you.

Why Air Comfort?

Air Comfort is the top choice for your new HVAC construction project because we assess your facility and tailor our design and installation to meet your building’s needs and carry the appropriate loads so the system heats and cools your facility efficiently and effectively. We keep you involved in the design process and give you estimates during that phase so you can make budgetary decisions before we enter the construction phase.

One of Air Comfort’s most important differentiators as a design-build HVAC contractor is our in-house fabrication shop, where we fabricate a wide variety of customized components, ranging from light piping and ventilation to heavy equipment fabrication. Our fabrication capabilities allow us to be our customers’ comprehensive design-builder by creating the specific components their systems need. We provide our customers with major cost savings by fabricating our components in house because we don’t bring outside vendors into the process. These capabilities also allow us to customize our components and HVAC solutions to your needs.

If you are interested in our HVAC new construction and design-build services, reach out to us today. We will work to create an HVAC system that fits with the design and needs of your business’s facility.