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With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC system for the peak load demands that come with hottest days of the year. Performing proactive maintenance now can save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of critical failure and inefficient operation. If you’re ready to prepare your HVAC for optimal performance during the summer months, here are a few quick steps you can take right now.

Swap Out Air Filters

At Air Comfort, we recommend our clients change their air filters on a seasonal basis. Because your filters have trapped many springtime allergens, swapping them out ensures your system is ready to perform throughout the summer without becoming constricted. Simply swapping out a dirty filter with a clean one can lower air conditioner energy consumption by 5% to 15%, so you can quickly recover the cost of a new filter. At the same time, changing filters immediately improves your indoor air quality, especially if you’ve noticed your facility’s air has become stale or muggy.

Program Your Thermostat

We’ve discovered that many organizations have programmable thermostats but aren’t using them to their full potential. Taking the time to program your facility’s thermostat so it runs when it’s needed most, but not as frequently when the building is unoccupied, can start saving you money right away. You can ensure your building remains comfortable while minimizing operating expenses by taking the time to program your thermostats for summertime.

Clean Condensation Lines

Condensation lines are critical to ensuring optimal performance for your air conditioning units because they carry excess water away from your equipment. When these lines become clogged, water can back up into the air conditioner and require substantial repairs. With the humid Chicago summers right around the corner, condensation lines will be busy diverting water from your system. Taking a little time now to ensure your condensation lines are clean and draining properly can pay off in the long run.

Remove Debris

Check your outdoor air conditioning units for any plants, leaves, branches, grass, or debris that may have collected since the last time you checked. Removing any obstructions helps improve the efficiency and airflow of your air conditioning system so your facility will remain comfortable throughout the summer.

Check Your Ductwork

Now is an excellent time to check your ductwork for any potential leaks. Duct leaks have an exponential impact on the efficiency of your HVAC infrastructure. Studies have shown that when ducts leak just 20% of air, your system ends up having to work up to 50% harder to compensate. Take the time to check for disconnected joints, gaps, or small holes in air ducts. If you find leaks, you can use duct sealing tape to close them off. If you find extensive air leaks, consider contacting your commercial HVAC service partner to provide a longer-term solution.

Your Chicago HVAC Experts

If you want to take a more proactive approach to preparing your commercial HVAC equipment for the summer heat, contact the experts at Air Comfort and schedule a maintenance appointment today. We’ll perform a holistic assessment of your system to ensure it’s ready to run at peak efficiency throughout the summer.