Plan and Spec

Air Comfort offers hands-on plan and spec services to assist your team with taking existing designs created by someone else and installing a quality HVAC solution. Making sure your final project functions smoothly comes down to meticulous planning and expert foresight. Our engineers have the skills and years of experience to turn pre-existing HVAC system designs into a reality for your facility.

Industry-Leading HVAC Plan and Spec Services

Air Comfort’s experienced technicians work with your architect and engineer to understand your building’s layout and install an HVAC system according to their designs. For an on-time, on-budget HVAC solution that seamlessly fits your facility for optimal functionality, reach out to Air Comfort today.

No one knows your facility as well as the people who built it. Having an HVAC plan in place doesn’t always mean that the next step is simple—you need a provider you can trust to deliver timely, on-budget service that follows your HVAC designs. We have experience working with all general contractors to bring your architect’s HVAC designs to life in your facility, and we can make adjustments quickly in the field. That means if your plans have any flaws or don’t quite meet your needs, we can resolve the problem within your timelines and your budget.

Our Plan and Spec Preparation Process

When we provide you with plan and spec services, we will review the project drawings, and then prepare CAD drawings before we move forward. Then we review potential scheduling problems, including lead time issues. This part of the process helps us resolve any potential conflicts before construction begins. It also allows us to create any specific HVAC solutions that will improve the project.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance

At Air Comfort, we perform preventative maintenance on every system we engineer, design, and install. After we plan and spec and then install your HVAC system, we perform regular maintenance on it to give you peace of mind. We work with you to develop an HVAC maintenance plan that meets your system’s and your facility’s energy needs. Our maintenance contracts ensure you receive priority service that prevents your heating and cooling system from needing costly repairs. We can design your system and keep it running well.

Provide Us With the Blueprint

If you reach out to us with design ideas, we create and install an HVAC system to meet your specifications.

HVAC System Specifications

When we determine your HVAC systems specifications and begin planning its design, we calculate the loads it needs to heat, cool, and ventilate your facilitys floor plan. We also install any and all components your system needs to function properly and provide your facility with good air quality. No matter what type of specifications your system design has, we can plan and build your system accordingly.

Need Help? That’s Why We’re Here

If you’re concerned about whether your HVAC plan is right for your project, Air Comfort offers consulting services to collaborate with your team and provide the solution that’s right for your current construction project. We’ve worked with several providers over the years to deliver customized, quality solutions for a wide variety of clients. For a solution that meets your time frame and budget, Air Comfort is just a phone call away.

Share Your HVAC Design Plans With Us.
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Air Comfort oversees your HVAC systems planning, engineering, and project management. We follow your lead in the design process, so you have enough project control to meet your facilitys and your businesss heating and air conditioning needs. With our plan and spec services, we help you create and maintain a healthy work environment.

Find Out What Your System’s Specifications Are

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