Air Comfort’s experienced problem solvers provide comprehensive HVAC installation for your facility. We’ve worked with many different types of HVAC systems, and our technicians have years of experience working with a wide range of vendors. This enables them to solve your heating cooling systems’ problems with creative and energy-efficient solutions.

Commercial HVAC Installation

Our detailed assessments offer clarity on where your current system is falling short and how our technicians can provide a scalable solution that aligns with your budget. As always, our team specializes in innovative solutions to solve your HVAC problems.

From installation and retrofitting to maintenance and emergency services, Air Comfort is here to help. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution for your commercial HVAC installation—choose Air Comfort for a solution that’s as unique as your facility. Working with a less experienced provider can yield unsatisfactory results. You can’t afford to deal with the fallout from working with a vendor that cuts corners. We are the HVAC installation company that offers the exact heating, air conditioning, and air duct solutions your system needs. For a provider that gets the job done right the first time for lasting quality, choose Air Comfort.

HVAC Construction

Because we offer a wide range of solutions, such as in-house metal fabrication, we can handle every aspect of customizing HVAC equipment for your facility. Our experts also have the skills and experience to design an HVAC system around your energy-efficiency goals and day-to-day operations. We can install heat pumps as well as traditional heating and cooling systems. When we design and build a system for your facility, we tailor it to your facility’s needs and your energy goals.

In-House Fabrication Services

Our sheet metal fabrication services help provide you with energy efficient duct installations for your facility. By fabricating a metal duct system in-house, we reduce the costs and turnaround time of your HVAC duct installation. Our in-house engineers have the skills and the years of experience to provide you with an effective and efficient new duct system. Our in-house fabrication shop widens the variety of installations we can provide for you. This increases our flexibility as an HVAC contractor so we serve you better.

Equipment Installation Capabilities

Our trained experts have hands-on experience working with all the major HVAC manufacturers, helping businesses in any industry take advantage of an HVAC solution built around their day-to-day operations. We offer installation for a wide range of equipment, including heat pumps, thermostats, packaged units and zoning products, air cleaners and humidifiers, water heaters, carbon monoxide detectors, and building automation systems (BAS). At Air Comfort, we pride ourselves on having the capabilities to install and manage every facet of your building’s HVAC systems.

High-Quality Installation for Lasting Value

Partner with Air Comfort to solve your HVAC problems the first time.

Why Install an HVAC System With Air Comfort?

Air Comforts engineers and technicians have the skills, experience, and resources to install the perfect commercial HVAC system for your facilitys needs. Since weve worked with all the major HVAC manufacturers, we have the flexibility to install ductwork and HVAC components so your whole system runs more efficiently.

Learn About Our Design-Build Process.
Our installation services are an integral part of our HVAC design-build process. Learn More.

We rank among the top 2% of HVAC companies and contractors nationwide because of our comprehensive approach to HVAC design, installation, and maintenance. We maintain every system we design and install to ensure your HVAC system is well-cared for throughout its lifespan. Our techniques and processes help us create HVAC solutions that provide your facility with good air quality so you and your colleagues and employees can run your business in a healthy environment. If you want to work with a commercial HVAC services partner who can install everything from air conditioners to flexible ducts and maintain them in the long term, Air Comfort is here to help you.

Partner With Chicago’s Premier HVAC Experts

Air Comfort provides comprehensive HVAC installation services with results guaranteed to keep your facility running smoothly for a long time. With more than 80 years of experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to install any of your HVAC equipment for your construction project. Contact the experts at Air Comfort today to discover how much more your commercial HVAC service partner can do for you.

Learn More About Our Installation Services

Reach out to us to find out how we can customize our installation services to create a solution for your facility.

Ask About Our Installation Services

Reach out to us today to learn how we can customize our installation services to solve your HVAC problems.