Construction Qualifications

Are you looking for qualified construction for your facility’s HVAC system? If so, Air Comfort has the resources and the experienced engineers to offer you top-quality HVAC construction design solutions. We can also provide HVAC construction plans and specs if you want to implement designs from another contractor with our services.



Our Design/Build Qualifications

Our three in-house mechanical engineers have the knowledge and the experience to design and build an HVAC system customized for your commercial building. We can tackle HVAC projects of any size, and our engineers can create any specific part your project needs in our in-house fabrication shop. When we take on your project, we won’t just design and construct your heating and air conditioning system. We’ll also install, commission, and deploy your system so you can begin running your business out of your new facility or get back to business in your existing facility as soon as possible.

Why are we a top-quality choice for your HVAC design/build project? Because we will assess the situation to come up with the best HVAC solution for your facility. Additionally, we can fabricate any special parts your project needs. This allows us to complete the project faster than if we relied completely on parts from third-party vendors. At Air Comfort, we make sure we have the resources available to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

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Our Plan and Spec Services

What if you have plans and specifications for an HVAC construction project, but they were designed by another contractor? We can handle that with no problems. We have extensive experience implementing a set of plans created by someone else. We know how to take the plans and make sure they fit your facility, and then implement them. Even if we weren’t involved during the design phase, we will still build and install your HVAC project and make sure it fits your facility’s air flow needs in an energy-efficient way.

Why do you need solid plan and spec services? You want your project done right, and Air Comfort has completed many plan and spec projects over the years. We know how to make your plans and specifications a reality quickly so you don’t experience any interruptions in your business operations.

Our Ductwork Fabrication Capabilities

Do you want to install a new ventilating system in your facility? If you do, we can use our in-house fabrication services to create a new duct system for you. We can examine your building’s ventilation needs and craft the sheet metal for your ductwork accordingly. No matter what your commercial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning needs are, we will create a duct system that will carry fresh air throughout your building.

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Our fabrication services are just one aspect of our services that makes us stand out among the Chicago area’s commercial HVAC contractors. We have the qualified engineers and the equipment to make sure your duct system is the right fit for your building and helps your system provide you with good air quality. If you want comprehensive HVAC construction services performed in a timely manner, Air Comfort can do that for you.

Why Air Comfort?

Air Comfort is the top choice for your HVAC construction plan or specifications project because we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to do the job right and do it quickly. The scope of our work spans several industries, from food processing to healthcare to data centers and commercial real estate, so we are flexible and have a broad base of HVAC knowledge for different building types. 

We want to construct HVAC systems that provide good air quality for the buildings they’re in, whether they’re heating or cooling those facilities. If that sounds like the kind of HVAC construction service you want, reach out to us today. We’re here to meet all your HVAC needs, including construction, plan and spec, and fabrication. Let us help you heat and cool your new facility or improve the air quality of your current one.

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From construction to commission to maintenance, Air Comfort can offer you comprehensive services and solutions to solve your HVAC problems.