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Your HVAC system is one of the most important assets of the building. Whether you work in a small office or at a corporate location, you’ll need a heating and cooling system that runs at peak performance. The more efficiently your system runs, the more comfortable people will feel, which will help factor into more productivity all around.

A well-run HVAC system is pretty easy to take for granted until we become face-to-face with those rare moments when the equipment shuts down. Think about your air conditioner flatlining on a hot summer day, or the furnace shutting off during the winter. This makes an extremely dangerous environment for employees to work, which will put business owners in a very tough predicament.

HVAC emergencies often cause operations to shut down, creating downtime that prevents businesses from generating money and providing services to customers. No one wants to deal with malfunctioning HVAC systems, but it can be very difficult to find the assistance you need on short notice.

Here are some steps that you can take that will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Emergency HVAC Service Procedures:

By following these three essential steps, you’ll be sure to maintain a position that puts your operation ahead of the curve.

1) Identify The Issues

Before calling to schedule a repair, start by troubleshooting the issue. Inspect the equipment yourself to see if there any small problems that can be fixed on your own. You’d be surprised about how many problems are caused by something as little as an improperly programmed thermostat or a dirty airflow.

Of course there are more serious matters that require extra attention from professional HVAC contractors. If you find any of the following issues, then be sure to follow step two.

  • The furnace stops working entirely
  • Health risks start to erupt
  • You smell gas

2) Call Your Contractor For Emergency Repairs

If there are issues that can’t be fix an issue on your own, then call your HVAC company immediately. A 24/7 commercial HVAC service will be able to patch up the issue before it causes any more damage. This gives you the chance to eliminate the danger of the situation while you collaborate and decide on a more thorough repair plan.

3)  Establish Preventive Maintenance Routine

Just because the repair service has been delivered doesn’t mean that the action stops. A disruption can happen at any moment’s notice so it’s important to always stay on your toes. Preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your HVAC equipment in optimal shape. Even the best HVAC systems lose efficiency over time. Establish a preventative maintenance routine is a great way to preserve its original form. This will help you diagnose future issues, keep components and ductwork clean, and the thermostat at a stable, yet comfortable setting.

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