Plan and Spec Services

Industry-Leading Plan and Spec Services

Air Comfort offers hands-on plan and spec services to assist your team with designing, developing, and installing a quality HVAC solution. Making sure your final project functions smoothly comes down to meticulous planning and expert foresight.

Air Comfort’s team of experienced technicians work with your team to understand your building’s blueprints and develop an HVAC system that aligns with your energy-efficiency goals. For an on-time, on-budget HVAC solution that seamlessly fits your facility for optimal functionality, reach out to Air Comfort today.

No one knows your facility as well as the people who built it. Having an HVAC plan in place doesn’t always mean that the next step is simple—you need a provider you can trust to deliver timely, on-budget service for your construction project. Our field technicians have experience working with all types of HVAC equipment for facilities of all sizes and with businesses in every industry. Whether your facility operates commercially or industrially, Air Comfort guarantees that we have the right solution for your HVAC system specifications.

Load Calculations

Accurately calculating load demands and peak load levels is critical to maximizing energy efficiency while ensuring that your facility stays comfortable year-round. When load calculations are not handled by experts, inaccurate results can lead to paying for more than you need or having an HVAC system that’s constantly running. When you choose Air Comfort as your HVAC spec experts, we take the time to make all necessary load calculations so you can be confident that your HVAC system will never underserve your needs.


HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Our plan and spec services pair perfectly with our HVAC construction and installation solutions. Our experts have already planned and specced your system; who better to install it at your facility? No matter the size of your project, our team has the hands-on experience required to get the job done on time and within budget.

At Air Comfort, we perform preventative maintenance on every system we engineer, design, and install. After we design and install your HVAC system, we will perform regular maintenance on it to give you peace of mind. We’ll work with you to develop an HVAC maintenance plan that meets your system’s and your facility’s energy needs.

Whether you’re installing a system at a brand new facility or you’re looking to replace an outdated system, Air Comfort makes sure your organization gets the heating and air conditioning system you need to maximize indoor air quality and comfort year-round. Then we’ll develop a maintenance agreement to ensure you heating and cooling systems receive the annual maintenance they need to maximize their energy efficiency.

You provide the blueprint.

We deliver an HVAC solution customized for your facility.

Need Help? That’s Why We’re Here

If you’re concerned about whether your HVAC plan is right for your project, Air Comfort offers consulting services to collaborate with your team and provide the solution that’s right for your current construction project. We’ve worked with several providers over the years to deliver customized, quality solutions for a wide variety of clients. For a solution that meets your timeframe and budget, Air Comfort is just a phone call away.