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What to look for in your commercial HVAC service partner

Do you know who to call when you have a problem with your heating or air conditioning systems? If you’ve ever needed emergency HVAC service, you understand the scramble of trying to find a reliable service partner to assess your HVAC system and make the repair as quickly as possible. That’s why we at Air Comfort always recommend that businesses find a reliable HVAC partner, so they know exactly who to call for all of their HVAC needs.

If you’re interested in building a long-term relationship with an HVAC service company, here are three critical factors you need to consider.

Breadth and Depth of Experience

Experience is one of the most discerning factors when selecting an HVAC partner. Typically, there’s a reason that a contractor has remained in business for as long as they have. An HVAC business that’s been around for a while knows how to do business, retain a client base, and provide reliable HVAC solutions.

At the same time, an experienced HVAC company will have a team of technicians who have hands-on experience working with just about any make or model of HVAC equipment. If you have an existing commercial HVAC system, do they have the qualifications to work on your infrastructure? Expert HVAC repairs require a substantial amount of hands-on expertise, and companies with extensive experience to address any of your system’s needs are essential if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship.

If you’re looking to deploy a new commercial HVAC installation in the future, does the HVAC company work with a variety of vendors and manufacturers to ensure that you’re getting a system optimized for your needs? An HVAC partner that is vendor agnostic can go a long way when you’re looking to get the best value out of your new commercial HVAC system.

A Commercial HVAC Focus

Some HVAC companies try to cover both commercial and residential markets. However, residential HVAC expertise does not translate to commercial HVAC success. If you need exclusively commercial HVAC from your partner, find a contractor that focuses exclusively on commercial HVAC. That way, you can be confident they’ll have the expertise to address any of your commercial HVAC needs. Commercial spaces demand higher indoor air quality, comfort control, and more complex load calculations.

A team of commercially-oriented HVAC experts will be able to assess and address your needs much more successfully than a team that tries to do a little bit of everything. If your priority is a commercial HVAC optimized for your facility, that’s what your HVAC partner should focus on. Whether you want to focus on energy efficiency or deploying a building automation system (BAS), a commercial partner will be able to more accurately align themselves with your goals.

Emergency HVAC Services

One of the most significant benefits of building a long-term relationship with an HVAC service partner is that you’ll receive priority when it comes to emergency HVAC repair services. At the same time, they already understand the finer points of your infrastructure, so they’ll be able to assess the problem and deliver a solution on a much shorter timeline.

Before selecting your long-term HVAC partner, clarify what their emergency HVAC offering looks like. How will they be able to take care of you when you require emergency repair? After all, critical HVAC failure can lead to loss of productivity, excessive downtime, and lost revenue. You need a service partner that understands how critical HVAC is to the success of your operation and prioritizes your needs accordingly.