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Since 1935, Air Comfort has worked closely with customers to provide high-quality comfort for their businesses with uninterrupted performance and unparalleled reliability. Our technicians utilize the best equipment trusted by the top brands in the mechanical services industry. To that end, we proudly provide our customers with Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems. Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC division was founded in 1980 and has worked to become a technology leader over the decades. Since Air Comfort is a Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Vendor, our team can bring you all the benefits and quality Mitsubishi Electric has to offer. Consider the following advantages of investing in Mitsubishi Electric equipment.



Air Comfort and Mitsubishi Electric have partnered to empower business owners to create their customized comfort. The engineers at Mitsubishi Electric continuously refine and improve systems to better serve consumer needs while also heating and cooling businesses more effectively. Mitsubishi Electric’s technology focuses on the following innovations.


Advanced Air Filtration

Indoor air quality is vital to comfort and health. Mitsubishi Electric’s washable filters last up to 10 years and remove pollen, dust, dander, and other allergens. Filters are placed in each room to assure air flow is crisp and clean. The filters provide convenience, longevity, and peace of mind.


Quiet Operation

Noisy, rumbling HVAC units can disrupt the productivity of an office and become a nuisance. Mitsubishi Electric indoor units are designed to run whisper quiet. Most refrigerators hum more loudly than Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems ever will.


Zone Control

Hot and cold zones are not only uncomfortable, but they can also be a sign of increasing energy inefficiencies as well. Mitsubishi’s zone control technology combined with hot-start fan units assure efficient circulation throughout your office. This eliminates uneven heating and cooling and creates better efficiency.


Smart Tools

Smart office technology is advancing for the future. Door locks, alarms, and lighting are all connected to useful applications for easy use. Now Mitsubishi Electric is offering the same convenience for HVAC systems with Kumo Cloud. This system allows users to manage and control room temperatures throughout their office with a smartphone application. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric even offers smart design systems for engineers and contractors. These software systems help keep business owners in the know.


Work With Air Comfort – Your Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Vendor

When you need to install HVAC equipment for a new building or renovate existing hardware, you’ll want only the best. Mitsubishi Electric provides the smartest HVAC innovations available. Air Comfort is a proud Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Vendor that can help you design the system that’s right for your needs. Reach out today and learn more about what high-quality HVAC equipment can do for you.