All You Should Know About HVAC Construction and Installation

Do you need a new commercial or industrial HVAC installation for your business’s facility? If so, Air Comfort’s turnkey HVAC solutions can help you. We have the design, installation, and construction services to tackle any HVAC installation, no matter how difficult or unusual it is. Our installation services cover every aspect of your system from heat pumps to thermostats to chillers to air cleaners and humidifiers. No matter what your design and installation needs are, we can fulfill them.

All About Our HVAC Construction and Installation Services

Design and Construction

When our team begins designing a heating and cooling system for one of our clients, they evaluate the client’s existing plans to determine if they are appropriately scaled for your facility’s size and to meet your business’s heating, cooling, and ventilation system needs. Then we begin designing and building the HVAC system for the client. The design half of our design-build services breaks down like this:

  • Site Survey: In this first step, we assess your facility or your construction plans for current loads (in an existing facility) or projected loads, building layouts and floor plans, space utilization, and energy usage goals. Then our engineers can calculate system specifications that fit your facility, including your building’s HVAC system layout.
  • HVAC System Design: After we’ve determine the specifications your system and your facility need, we begin designing a customized HVAC system for your building. Our design includes the estimated costs of materials, equipment, and labor as well as the timeline. This allows you to examine the design and see how well it fits with your business’s budget.

During the design-build process, we will use our network of HVAC vendors to access high-quality, cost-effective materials and infrastructure for your new systems. With our contacts, we will secure the best materials so you can maximize your design and installation budget while keeping your energy bills low in the long run.


At this point, the engineers hand your system over to the project manager, who coordinates with our various teaming to install the system in your building. If any issues arise during the installation process, our in-house fabrication team can handle it. That’s unlikely, however, since our design processes is extremely meticulous, so we are most often prepared for any unusual installation situations.

Once we’ve installation your HVAC system, we commission your system to make sure that all of its systems and components operate properly. These components include chillers, boilers, rooftop units, balancing, and building automation systems (BAS). We will inspect each system and component so the system is commissioned before we deploy it. After this process is complete, we deploy the system in your facility, which we prepare with the latest energy efficient equipment.

After we install, commission, and deploy the system in your facility, you will receive long-term ongoing maintenance from Air Comfort. Our commercial HVAC services will keep your system running properly and prevent it from developing major problems because we repair small problems as soon as we find them. You can count on us to maintain your heating and air conditioning system throughout its lifespan after we install it.

The Benefits of an HVAC Provider with In-House Fabrication

Why do we provide in-house fabrication for HVAC components and ventilation ductwork? Because it allows us to offer our clients high-quality equipment while also reducing costs for them and shortening the projects’ overall timelines. Also, since we oversee the metal fabrication, we can customize the components we make to fit your facility’s specific needs in terms of size and scalability. It’s much easier to do that when you managed the sheet metal fabrication in-house rather than outsourcing it. Additionally, we can integrate our sheet metal solutions into your existing system, and they will incorporate the latest technology and feature structural durability that will help your system last for a long time.