Southern Wisconsin Commercial HVAC Service

Although we’re based in the greater Chicago area, Air Comfort Corp is proud to serve businesses throughout Southern Wisconsin with industry-leading HVAC design, installation, and service. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular solutions we offer Wisconsin businesses.

Emergency HVAC Repairs

HVAC systems most frequently break down in the middle of winter or at the height of summer when peak load demands are at their highest. When HVAC equipment fails at these critical times, downtime can quickly result in revenue loss, missed opportunities, and dissatisfied customers. That means you need a team of expert HVAC technicians who can quickly pinpoint the root problems and deploy a solution that allows you to return to normal operations as soon as possible. Air Comfort’s team is here for all of your emergency HVAC needs with comprehensive 24/7 HVAC support.

HVAC System Design

Whether you’re building a new facility or it’s time to upgrade your HVAC infrastructure, Air Comfort’s engineering team can design an HVAC solution around your needs. We analyze your structure from the inside out, allowing us to prioritize energy efficiency and year-round air quality for your space. While designing your system, we leverage our extensive vendor network to get you the best value in the industry. When you partner with Air Comfort, you get a comprehensive HVAC design solution that’s optimized for your energy goals, budget, and day-to-day operations.

HVAC Installation

Paired with our HVAC system design solutions, our top-tier HVAC installation experts can ensure your facility’s infrastructure is deployed as intended. Our installation services are also scalable, so our experts can install anything from a retrofit solution to your entire building’s HVAC infrastructure. And when you partner with Air Comfort to install your HVAC system, we understand it better than anyone, so we can pinpoint issues and make rapid repairs to ensure your heating and air conditioning systems never dig into your bottom line.

Building Automation Systems

If you’re looking to transform your facility management platform with the latest intelligent technology, a building automation solution (BAS) delivers just what you’re looking for. As with all of our services, we have the in-house capabilities to design, develop, and deploy a BAS solution around your goals. Our team has experience automating every aspect of facility management, from lighting and blinds to water heaters and climate control. At the same time, a BAS platform intelligently recognizes usage patterns and optimizes operations to maximize energy efficiency and the value of your infrastructure.

Explore How Much More HVAC Can Do For You

If you’re ready to start exploring how much more a customized HVAC solution can do to expand your operations, get in touch with the experts at Air Comfort today. We’ll work with you to clarify your energy efficiency requirements, budget, and growth goals, so your HVAC systems never slow you down again.