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We worked with one of the world’s leading pulp and paper companies to give them the most qualified HVAC technicians, and more importantly, PEACE OF MIND.

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Walter Hacker - Albanese Confectionary Group

Project Example

Albanese Confectionary Group

Project Example Albanese Confectionary Group

Twenty-five years with Air Comfort, with eighteen of those managing the Albanese Confectionery Group account. “Albanese has tripled the size of their production operation since my involvement began in 1998. Air Comfort has designed and installed the central plants for the chilled water, steam, and compressed air systems, as well as many sub-systems that support specific parts of production”. Working as partners with Albanese Confectionery, Air Comfort has been able to continually add value and reliability to several critical production processes.

“When Air Comfort installed the piping in the steam room, the steam pressure went from 125 pounds down to 30 pounds. Our guys make sure it’s going to work. And it does.”

Working closely with the client, Air Comfort has been able to continually add services to make every Albanese process work smoothly and perfectly.

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Chuck Albrecht, Sales Engineer

Decades of Service

Full Range of Services

Decades of Service Full Range of Services

For more than 33 years, Chuck Albrecht has worked with some of Air Comfort’s leading customers. From clients that include the world’s leading foodservice retailer, to a subsidiary of a $1 billion complimentary food and beverage manufacturer, Air Comfort has provided a full range of services, with Chuck leading the team.

Temperature and humidity are critical in the foodservice industry, and the Air Comfort team has taken these two giants from small projects in the ‘70s, to full maintenance contracts today. “It’s the team behind me that takes these customers from small projects to some of our largest work. We have a service technician on location full time to measure temperature and humidity, making corrections constantly,” Chuck says.

The diverse backgrounds of Air Comfort technicians, and their expertise with different brands, allows them to grow with the customer. There’s always a technician who either has the experience needed on a particular brand, or the innovative ideas to solve their problems.

Haroon Anwar

The New & The Old

Leaning Tower YMCA

The New & The Old Leaning Tower YMCA

Just as Air Comfort has helped Albanese expand their candy-making process , adding new equipment installations with state-of-the-art electronic controls, Haroon Anwar works with Leaning Tower YMCA to keep antiquated equipment working long past its prime. “The YMCA had a boiler blow up before Air Comfort came on board. Since we’ve been here we’ve been keeping the boilers operating smoothly and safely with constant testing and maintenance. Air Comfort has installed a lot of newer technology to help the existing equipment run smoothly.”

Keeping one older boiler operational was as simple as suggesting a filter canister to keep the water running through it clean. But when you’re dealing with equipment that hasn’t been manufactured for decades, how do you know how to do maintenance and upgrades? Training. Air Comfort has an In-House Training Program offering continuing education opportunities. As a certified PoolPak® service provider, we have a proven approach to dehumidification. Sometimes training beyond our walls is necessary. Air Comfort sent two technicians to special, and very intense, training classes. Air Comfort is one of only two companies in the Chicago market certified to work on Dectron dehumidification units.”

To set up an appointment with one of our experts to learn what applied equipment options are available to your company, call us today at 708-345-1900.

Larry Zastresek - Training


Training is Everything

Training Training is Everything

“The culture at Air Comfort encourages continuous learning and training. Much of the training that’s done with our technicians is done internally. The team leaders and experienced journeymen conduct training after hours on our time. The technicians come to the training on their own time because they know it will make them more effective problem solvers in the field.

Education is stressed throughout the Air Comfort organization. Technicians are encouraged to take further training through the union training programs. Air Comfort’s commitment to training shows with their willingness to pay for these classes.

“Our employees stay for a very long time because we make sure they keep improving themselves and adding skills. It’s an investment in the employees , but it’s also an investment in our customers.”

To set up an appointment with one of our experts to learn what applied equipment options are available to your company, call us today at 708-345-1900.

"Air Comfort recently provided us with an emergency diagnosis of a rooftop HVAC issue in downtown Chicago; a comprehensive list of repair or replacement options, with a common sense recommendation; and outstanding repair work done in a timely manner and at a very fair price. Air Comfort communicated with us and our tenant throughout the repair, and made sure everybody was satisfied with the outcome. We were very impressed with Air Comfort's performance."

Keeping you up & running

Air Comfort Corporation is a full-service industrial and commercial HVAC provider specializing in a complete range of products and services, including comprehensive year-round preventive maintenance programs and emergency service, as well as design/build installation of equipment for new construction, and retrofits of existing mechanical systems.

Founded in 1935 as an engineering company and equipment distributor, Air Comfort’s mission is to work closely with customers to provide a true “comfort level” for their businesses, with uninterrupted performance and round-the-clock reliability. To accomplish our goal, we use only the highest-quality equipment, installed and serviced by a team of some of the top experts in the mechanical services industry.

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