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Rooted in the Chicago Area

At Air Comfort, we believe that where we’ve been is a reflection of where we’re going. Our business is rooted in the relationships we’ve built with organizations in the Chicago area since 1935. We were recently reminded of this when we came across a proposal from the winter of 1964. The proposal outlines our longest continuous running service contract with Saints Faith, Hope and Charity Church located in Winnetka, Illinois. Our service agreement with the church continues to this day.

A History of Service-Centric Solutions

The original agreement offered to furnish full maintenance service on all of the church’s HVAC systems. We guaranteed to provide all of the labor necessary to inspect, install replacement parts, and service their equipment with replacements parts, materials, and shop repairs included. The agreement promised to provide regular inspections of all equipment at least 9 times a year as well as emergency service during regular business hours. A revised form of this same service agreement has continued unabated since then.

Looking Towards the Future

We look back at the past so we can be confident about where we are going. Furnishing maintenance contracts remains a fundamental aspect of our business operations. We understand that businesses in the Chicago depend on reliable HVAC systems, especially during our harsh winters and unpredictable summers. We know that climate control is vital to maintaining customer satisfaction while maximizing employee performance. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to maintain the HVAC systems you need to thrive.

Our proactive approaches prioritize maintaining your HVAC infrastructure so that it’s always there, especially when you need it most. However, in the event of an emergency, there’s nothing worse than not knowing who to contact for a solution. When you partner with Air Comfort, you’ll never encounter that problem. We work emergency agreements into our maintenance contracts, so you can be confident that you’ll know exactly who to call if disaster strikes and that any issues will be quickly resolved.

Working For You

When customers ask why they should choose to work with us, we love being able to offer references from clients – like the Saints Faith, Hope and Charity Church – that we’ve been working with for 50+ years. We’ve found that the only way to maintain a partnership for that long is by putting our customers’ needs first. Our time-tested experience gives us the reassurance that what we’re doing is right and is what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that our success is only as great as your success, and we guarantee that we’ll be the last and only HVAC company you’ll ever need.

Partner With Us

If you’re looking for an HVAC partner that takes care of you like you take care of your customers, Air Comfort offers the partner-centric solutions you’ve been looking for. Since 1935, we’ve been providing the right climate for your business. If you’d like to learn more about the HVAC solutions we offer, click here.