Applied Equipment

Applied Equipment

As the largest applied equipment service group in the Chicagoland area, Air Comfort offers a dedicated group of highly trained applied technicians. From planning and spec to design, installation, ongoing maintenance contracts, and on-call emergency services, we make sure that your facility is running as it should every step of the way. At Air Comfort, we have full-time support staff dedicated to handling applied equipment to regulate your facility’s temperature and working conditions. Air Comfort will help you improve control over your facility’s conditions and regulate the temperature and air quality using radiant heating or cooling.


Our specifically-designed applied systems can improve your facility by:

  • Minimizing your carbon footprint
  • Reducing energy and operation costs
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy environment
  • Introducing an updated alternative to outdated HVAC
  • Reducing the complexity of your system
  • Improve the flexibility of your system with our scalable solutions (available for commercial, industrial, healthcare, and other sectors)

Regulate your environment with applied equipment.

Limit your energy output with Air Comfort’s chiller and boilers expertise.

Why Air Comfort?

Finding a provider that offers customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your facility is hard to do. With Air Comfort, you’ll be working with a vendor that understands every part of the process for your applied control equipment. From early planning to ongoing maintenance contract services, Air Comfort is prepared to foster your equipment’s installation and into its entire lifespan. Call today and see how we can partner with your facility for life.