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Ductless air conditioning systems have become a very popular option for new homeowners in recent years. Often referred as mini-split air conditioning, ductless HVAC gives tenants more temperature control than a central air system. These state-of-the-art air handlers eliminate the need for ductwork, which significantly reduces the amount of energy that is exerted over time. This helps to create more energy efficiency and generate better cost-savings as time progresses.

Unfortunately, there are many rumors circulating about the effects of ductless heating and cooling. This poses a lot of worry to homeowners and building managers, especially if they are considering converting to this type of technology. We’ll help clear up these reports and squash the myths that might have you concerned.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions associated with ductless HVAC:

Ductless Systems Are Bulky and Visually Unappealing:

A ductless HVAC unit is an Energy-Star product that designed to fit any renovated space. Since there is no ductwork involved, a ductless unit carries an aesthetic advantage that traditional central air systems don’t have the luxury of. Ductless AC units are engineered with a slender and sleek design, giving you the ability to install the system high on a wall.

Duct-Free Systems Require More Maintenance:

People often think that since a ductless fixture is such an advanced fixture that it will require more maintenance. On the contrary, ductless systems actually require less maintenance than you might think. The filter can be easily removed, which makes it easier for contractors to troubleshoot issues when routine maintenance is actually delivered.

A Ductless System Can Only Be Installed In Newer Homes:

You’ll find more mini-split systems being built into more modern building structures, but that doesn’t mean that an older home can’t be supported by ductless air too. Ductless units can be installed in virtually any residential or commercial setting. They can replace worn central cooling systems with ease. All that you’ll have to do is block any old ductwork and install the mini-split fixture on an elevated surface.

Mini Splits Don’t Improve The Air Quality:

Rumor has it that mini-split systems circulate air pollution, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, ductless HVAC systems are specifically engineered to help preserve the condition of all indoor air environments. Ductless air conditioners release greenhouse gas emissions and purify the air with an auto-cleaning filtration system. This helps create cleaner air that is safer to breathe.

Ductless Technology Is Noisy:

A loud HVAC system can be extremely disturbing and disruptive. No one wants to listen to a noisy, run-down air conditioner rumble on. Unfortunately, this is a typical misconception about today’s ductless technology. In reality though, you’ll find that ductless air conditioners are a lot less of a nuisance to listen to. Since there are no ducts running, there is less energy being exerted, thus meaning that there are fewer items to make noise. If you are wanting to build a more tranquil environment than a ductless HVAC is an ideal solution for you.

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