From start to finish, Air Comfort’s team of problem solvers provide comprehensive Mechanical Contracting services to install a system that seamlessly integrates into your building project.

Our HVAC Construction Services

Air Comfort is an HVAC construction company that will build you a new HVAC system, and then maintain it throughout its lifespan. We can provide HVAC new construction for a whole system, or construct specific parts of HVAC systems, such as boilers, chillers, and rooftop HVAC units. Along with those capabilities, we can perform HVAC duct construction and in-house sheet metal fabrication.

Construction Design/Build

We can design and build different types of HVAC systems, depending on your business’s and facility’s needs. When we perform this construction service, we also install, commission, and deploy your system, and perform regular maintenance on it afterward. During the design/build process, we work within building codes and other relevant regulations to create a system that provides your facility with good indoor air quality and carries the appropriate loads for your building. We can perform design/build services for a wide variety of markets, so whether your facility is an office building or a hospital, we can help.

HVAC Installation

Installation is just one piece of our comprehensive HVAC services, and our engineers and technicians have the skills and experience to do the job right. We can install traditional heating and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps and HVAC equipment such as boilers and VAV systems. If you need to install an HVAC system or HVAC equipment, you should know that Air Comfort regularly ranks in the top 2% of HVAC contractors nationwide. Why do we rank so high? Because the way we combine our design/build services with our installation services ensures we perform the job right the first time, every time.

The following construction services allow us to design, build, and install your heating and cooling system quickly and efficiently without interrupting your business operations.

Plan and Spec

If you have existing HVAC design plans you want to work with, our plan and spec services can help you do that. When you provide us with the blueprints for your new system, we will calculate the loads for your heating, cooling, and ventilating system so it works efficiently and creates good indoor air quality for your facility. Then we will fabricate and install any components your HVAC system needs to run well. Our plan and spec services will turn your HVAC blueprints into a workable reality for your business.



Quick Response

When we take on design, building, and installation services, we work to perform those services quickly and have them completed shortly after we begin. We also provide any and all emergency HVAC services your system needs with fast response times 24/7, so your business doesn’t experience periods of downtime or any major interruptions.



Construction Qualifications

Check this page to find out how and why we are qualified to design and build your new HVAC system. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a system customized for your building’s and business’s exact needs.

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