Arctic Chill Chillers

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Proudly Partnered With The Arctic Chiller Group

The Arctic Chiller Group designs cost-effective HVAC components and applied solutions. They offer multiple chilled water system solutions for HVAC, commercial, and process applications. Chiller systems are essential components to commercial HVAC systems in places like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and sports arenas. 

Chillers facilitate heat transfer from an internal environment to an external environment. The heat transfer device relies on the physical state of refrigerant as it travels through the chiller system. Essentially, chillers are the powerhouse of any centralized HVAC system within a large commercial building. 

Modular Chillers

Modular chillers offer many advantages that eliminate many HVAC stressors and reduce the likelihood of premature maintenance and repairs. ArctiChill Modular Chiller highlights include: 

  • Scroll-, screw-, and oil-free magnetic bearing compressor options
  • Integrated pumping systems with constant or variable speed drives 
  • Service strainers during system operation
  • Heat recovery for simultaneous cooling and heating if needed

For commercial HVAC and industrial requirements, The Arctic Chiller Group is the industry leader for designing and manufacturing modular chilling systems. Each of their options are equipped to meet or exceed your needs. 

ArctiChill Chillers

Air Comfort holds a certification with The Arctic Chiller Group. While The Arctic Chiller Group has a family of companies that operate in the U.S. and Canada, they serve customers all around the world. Air Comfort is proud to be partnered with them—plus, we are the only company in the U.S. that’s certified to sell models from their ArctiChill division. 

The ArctiChill line of modular air chillers offers versatile and dynamic commercial HVAC components that provide year-round indoor comfort, convenience, and reliability. ArctiChill manufactures packaged systems for critical-duty, medical, process, and the popular “Manhattan Modular” chiller system that is a multi-faceted, cooling innovation.   

Facility managers can choose between air and water as the main cooling medium for their ArctiChill Model.

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Air-Cooled Chiller Systems

Air-cooled condensers function as the “radiators” that cool down the automobile engines. They’re ideal for places where water preservation is a priority. Since air-cooled chillers rely on a condenser cooled by the environment, they’re also most suitable for smaller spaces. These chillers typically include small propeller fans to draw air over a finned coil to condense the refrigerant. Air-cooled systems are usually exterior units and are best suited for small areas where there may be space restrictions. Installation is quick and convenient due to the system’s simplicity, and if maintenance is needed, it’s inexpensive.  

Water-Cooled Chiller Systems

Water-cooled chillers offer efficient functionality and longevity. They incorporate a water-cooled condenser connected to a cooling tower. Water-cooled chiller systems are typically located indoors to protect them from outdoor elements. Water-cooled chillers are commonly used for medium and large installations where the water supply is plentiful. These chillers range in size from small to 20-ton capacity and produce steadier performance for larger air-conditioned spaces like commercial and industrial buildings. This is because water-coolers aren’t dependent upon the fluctuations of ambient temperatures. 

Positioned for Success

Air Comfort is proud to be a certified representative of The Arctic Chill Group. Their 30 years of design and assembly of modular chillers for commercial and industrial HVAC applications sets the bar for excellence and customer satisfaction. Their diverse line of products in conjunction with our knowledge and expertise in the HVAC service industry creates a long-lasting and rewarding partnership with our customers. No matter which chiller you find most suitable for your requirements, we’re confident that Arctic Chill has the perfect product for you. 

Since 1935, our mission at Air Comfort has been to provide superior solutions and reliable products that stand the test of time. We’ve joined forces with the best in the HVAC industry to meet your needs and eliminate your worries. Our team uses the highest-quality equipment, and we send our courteous, professional, and hardworking experts to inspect your facility. A thorough assessment enables us to pinpoint your needs and draft a plan to mobilize a solution for your property. Call Air Comfort today to get started.

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