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A Leader in Providing Indoor Pool Dehumidification for Over 25 Years

PoolPak® International is recognized as a leader in manufacturing dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools and hotel/motel leisure pools. As a certified PoolPak® service provider, our proven approach to dehumidification is your best assurance for optimum space and water conditions while keeping operating costs low through recycled energy.

PoolPak Service Provider

PoolPak® understands that every pool is different. Seasonal changes, geographic location and pool activity all affect the pool environment, so choose from a variety of solutions to maintain ideal facility operation. PoolPak® refrigeration-based equipment recycles energy to heat the pool water and air, while ClimatePak® VHR (Ventilation Heat Recovery) takes advantage of the naturally dry outside air for moisture removal. Plus, monitor your unit’s system performance from anywhere, on any device that can access the Internet, giving you peace of mind.

Developing Efficient Technology for a Changing World

PoolPak® designs and builds its dehumidification equipment with an emphasis on the future. Our engineers explore every aspect from component location to control strategies to maximize performance and long unit life. We use components that measure up to our high standards for efficiency while delivering unfailing occupant comfort. When you consider a PoolPak® dehumidifier can last 20 years or more, think about the impact it can have on sustainability and equipment performance!

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