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Retrofit Solutions Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Upgrades to HVAC equipment can save thousands of dollars per year in operating expenses by saving energy, reducing maintenance and eliminating downtime. And that’s just the beginning. Buildings with better energy ratings command higher rents and selling prices, while providing greater tenant satisfaction. However, many building owners cite prohibitive costs and disruption of operations as reasons they avoid full-scale renovations.  

The Air Comfort Problem Solvers have developed strategies to help building owners achieve their energy efficiency goals by analyzing how the building space is used, and utilizing building data to extract detailed analytics in order to design minimally invasive upgrades. They may suggest small operational changes, such as replacing pneumatic controls with electronic ones in key points in the system, or finding leaks in the system that can be very costly over time.

Working as a team, sharing their many years of expertise, the Air Comfort professionals find simple solutions that make a huge impact on building efficiency and operating costs, with minimal or no disruptions to building operations. Real solutions from the Air Comfort team of Problem Solvers.

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"While I have a number of decent vendors, the bar I find myself typically utilizing as a comparison for communication and execution is Air Comfort."

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