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Preventive maintenance can lower your AC costs this summer

As summer rolls around, we often find ourselves working harder and longer. But before you find yourself flipping on the air conditioning to cool off in the midst of a long day, be sure to schedule a tune-up with the Air Comfort Problem Solvers.

It’s important to remember that your AC has been sitting dormant all winter long and may need some attention. With just a simple phone call, our Problem Solvers can make sure your unit is in tip-top shape to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

In addition to turning your unit on and checking to ensure everything is running correctly, our Problem Solvers will check for ways to increase efficiency and lower your energy bills. First, they’ll start with the obvious: is the air filter clogged or dirty? If so, they’ll clean or replace it. Dirty or clogged filters can cause your system to work harder and run longer, which simultaneously:

  • Reduces indoor air quality
  • Increases your energy bill
  • Decreases component life

Next, they’ll look for less obvious problems. Is there a leak in the duct work? If so, our Problem Solvers will be able to find and seal it for you. This is an important task considering leaky ducts can cause a domino effect that begins with higher bills and lower air quality, and ends with expensive repairs.

How? With cooled air escaping through a hole or faulty seal, your system will have to work harder and longer to reach the setting on your thermostat — and you may find those at one end of the building are sweating in their T-shirts, while  those at the other end are shivering in sweaters. Then, dust and debris is sucked into the ductwork and later blown out the vents, reducing your air quality. And finally, consistently overworked components wear down and fail more quickly.

Make sure you don’t find yourself dealing with an expensive failure on a hot day with preventive maintenance. Another real solution from the Air Comfort Problem Solvers.

"While I have a number of decent vendors, the bar I find myself typically utilizing as a comparison for communication and execution is Air Comfort."

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